In my rush to document all the highlights of my not-so-brilliant career, I sometimes miss the funnest bits.

Christopher Dewdney was the school hunk at Westminster High School in London. And a bit of an odd bodkin. We became friends and he introduced me to his brother Kee, who was making a film and needed a woman who could ride a horse. Chris’ girlfriend would have done it but she couldn’t ride. The catch was that he needed a naked bareback rider girl. We negotiated. There was a saddle, and I wore flesh coloured panties.

Beautiful horse – Arabian stallion with a silver mane and tail. Sunlit summer meadow. All I had to do was ride across the field toward the camera in slow motion. Just kidding. We loped across the field and Kee took care of the slow mo bit. We rinsed my hair black to contrast the horse’s silver-white. It was a wonderful experience. The film became Wildwood Flower – a short with the Carter Family singing the soundtrack. I think he sold it to the NFB and it became Dan’s Dream.

The night before filming, Kee showed me Baba Ram Dass’ book, Be Here Now. I read it through three times, desperate to understand what I was reading.