Searching for… cool things from 1971?

This post will be brief. Every time I check my stats the “Top Searches” field always has these search requests: famous people in 1973, writers organization, philip seymour hoffman, cool things from 1971, writers images. Really. Sometimes it includes Jim Carrey or Young Jim Carrey. I think Megan Follows came up a couple of times. So, what can we garner from these statistics? Sad, isn’t it?

Sadder still, are those who come to my pages expecting some information on famous people or some dirt and get only a passing mention in my meanderings.  I just wanted to share that. So if you want to get more traffic, pepper your commentary with names of famous people, include them in your tags and don’t forget to use the word, cool. It’s hot.

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  • Sue Reynolds says:

    It is TOTALLY sad, and I’m sad about it the same way I get sad when I’m standing in the checkout line at the grocery store and all the magazines facing me have the overexposed faces of celebrities on the covers.
    I remember hearing a Chatelaine editor talk a few years ago at a WCDR breakfast about the difference between Canadian and US magazine markets. He said that Canadians didn’t respond to celebrities on the cover the way the American’s did. But he also said that was changing. Sad if true.

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