>This past week I put together what stories I have written that aren’t already out asking to be published and sent them off. I found one online contest at Author Stand that is free to enter, and is judged in part by readers. To that contest I sent “Bird in the Hand” a short story I wrote a couple of years ago about how longing can infuse an ordinary taste with the flavour of magic. If you want to vote, click here and register: Bird in the Hand. The other stories have also been submitted to contests and to one literary journal.

So now I return my attention to Weather Vane. Scene by scene I go through it. With a month or so distance from it, I find my vision clearer, the problem bits that I just couldn’t figure out how to fix are suddenly simple. Backstory is no longer a show-stopper. Glimpses of past and future are dropped in and threaded through the story. It’s actually fun. I think I may be the only oddball who finds writing to be fun. I was all set to pull my hair out, but not a strand has left my head in the production of this novel.

Now I am preparing for the tropics. My gifted and gift-giving teacher, Sue Reynolds, has agreed to lead daily writing practice on this retreat to Costa Rica next month. With Kripalu yoga, Esana will help us begin each day by opening and stretching our bodies and inviting us to stay in present time. Time slows down there and that’s just what’s needed… lots of time. Click on this link to find out more: Costa Rica, February 2011
Once on the site, click on the retreats link, and you will find details about this wonderful trip.

 All the things we must do to promote ourselves, I am undertaking, but that part is never really fun. I try to make it playful and I am by nature enthusiastic, but selling myself is tough. So that’s it for now – the promotion part. Vote for me and come to my retreat and I won’t bother you again. Until the next time.

Next post, I promise, will be more entertaining.