I’m doing what I’m supposed to do as a writer in these modern times: that tweeting thing and that blogging thing. The blogging thing I pretty much have a handle on. The tweeting thing? I feel like a little kid again, rushing after my older siblings, mimicking them in hopes that what I’m doing looks convincing enough that they won’t laugh at me and they will let me tag along.

I’m following people who look interesting, who share the love of writing in some form or another, so I think I have that part right. Although the speed at which those tweets roll out and their coded language are both a bit daunting to me.

I just found that someone had tweeted me, I think. A nice little phrase about last Saturday’s workshop with Robyn Read. But it didn’t come to me in any special way – like in an inbox or a notification… I just sort of stumbled across it in the endless roll of tweets. Can anyone tell me  how that @ thing works?