Today I’m a little stiff and cranky, because I dared to begin to exercise on Sunday. I’ve been paying for it ever since. And to add insult to injury, the voice on the Kinect (this was supposed to be FUN) tells me, each time, when I’m bent over panting after punching blocks into a thousand pieces, swivelling my hips inside an imaginary Hula Hoop ( I rocked at H H when I was five!) or fast-footing it following the coloured bars, she tells me, “That wasn’t quite it.” or “That’s not what we’re looking for.” Seriously! The witch was telling me I sucked. I had fun swearing at her though, and kept going. Not too much, I thought, I wasn’t going to let her goad me into doing harm to myself.

Alas, I’m so out of shape, I still hurt. But this weekend I’m off to Toronto to dance with one of Gabrielle Roth’s first teachers of the 5Rhythms dance practice, Lucia Horan. This practice is right up there in my top 5 things to do in the world. It was tough to decide between a Sanctuary Sunday day of writing and a weekend of bouncing around to great music and shaking my bones with a bunch of other people who love to dance. I thought it would be a great preparation for Costa Rica, where I’ll be leading a shortened version of a similar practice. So that’s one reason to celebrate. Well, two really, when you factor in TWO WEEKS IN COSTA RICA!!

Second reason is that this morning I received some very good news, but unfortunately, the details can’t be divulged just yet. I can only say that the news made me very happy indeed. As soon as I can open the bag and let the cat run free, I promise I will post it all here.

And the other reason that still brings goosebumps, that I have only made semi-public so far, is that carte blanche magazine has submitted Choose the Hammock, which they published in their May issue last year, to the Journey Prize, as well as to the Canadian Magazine awards. I won’t likely know anything until November, but just to be considered makes me all watery.

Rob Breszny’s got it all figured out. Let those roses fall into the canyon and let that act be the very thing. The only thing. And it will be enough. It is. An echo is beautiful. Silence is just as beautiful.