Just a little blip. The wondrous retreat I’ve been organizing for the past two years has been shifted by a day. Last year I discovered that Air Transat offers a great deal – remarkably better deal than ANY other airline. But they only fly once a week to each of their destinations. Last year it was Tuesday to San Jose. They just published their fares and schedule for winter and next year it will be on Wednesday. The first group will leave on the 15th of February, so anyone with a sweetheart can celebrate before we leave (as long as they finish early, since the flight leaves Pearson at some ungodly hour of the morning).

Another development is that I am planning an anthology of selected pieces from the retreats. Last year the writing was so stunning that Sue and I remarked that it was worthy of publication. After this year’s retreat I will call for submissions and we’ll have an anthology of the best of the first two years. Sue has offered to do the cover design. Lucky us.

That’s a pretty sweet deal. Go on retreat and get published.

There’s still room.